From May 12th to November 4th – Santo Stefano al Ponte, Florence (Italy)


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Da Vinci Experience Official Trailer 2017

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Da Vinci Experience Florence 2017 edition

Da Vinci Experience – The Exhibition

FROM MAY 12th TO NOVEMBER 4th 2018


Da Vinci Experience is an unprecedented immersive multimedia show that recounts Leonardo’s genius, his science and his ecleticism. A display based on the concept of edutainment, i.e. the production of cultural, family oriented, educational and spectacular entertainment. Da Vinci Experience will endow visitors with unique emotions, with the video mapping of hundreds of high definition digitalized images, full HD videoclips and a 360° Dolby Surround soundtrack.

Da Vinci VR Experience

The Oculus VR stations, the 3D virtual reality experience by Orwell, make it possible for you to step inside the armored vehicle and interact with its mechanisms, to sail on the paddle boat, and to admire the flight of the aerial scew and the ornithopter.

The machines

The models of Leonardo’s machines – life size and scale models – meticulously reproduced following the original designs of the Florentine artisan shop Martelli: the wing, the armored vehicle, the bombard, the aerial screw, the paddle boat, and many more…

  • libro_citazioni_it_aq_Pagina_29

    Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Giorgio Vasari, Le vite degli artisti, 1568

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Charles Baudelaire, I fiori del male, 1857

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In the heart of Florence, Santo Stefano al Ponte is a deconsecrated 12th century church. Beginning february 2015, it reopened to the public as a multifunctional auditorium and multimedia exhibition space. The intention was that of creating a dynamic venue for edutainment where shows, performances and concerts are part of a rich and eventful program.


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Piazza Santo Stefano, 5
50125, Firenze (FI)
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