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Da Vinci Experience

Da Vinci Experience, the show back to Florence.

A multimedia immersive exhibition designed to tell Leonardo’s genius, his art and the applications of his intelligence.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Renaissance icon, one of the most brilliant master in history, is explained through a sensory itinerary created specifically to live and feel the art through the 360° projections and the full HD videos, to try the virtual reality experience and to touch first-hand his full-scale greatest inventions.

A unique experience that will fully captivate you.

Da Vinci VR Experience

Our Oculus Quest VRs allow you to experience 3D virtual reality and to touch with your own hands Leonardo’s machines.

Da Vinci Experience Oculus VR

Immersive Experience

The immersive virtual experience has been fully renovated thanks to the work of Pixel Shapes, Leandro Summo, and Andrea Maioli of Kanaka, with the original soundtrack by Giovanni Jitzu Raniolo.

The Crypt

The crypt of the Cattedrale dell’Immagine in Florence hosts the educational section of the Da Vinci Experience exhibition. Here you will find artifacts and documents that will help you understand better the life and the art of the Tuscan genius.

The main feature of the introductory area is Leonardo’s machines – both life-size and to scale – minutely reproducing the original projects.


The drawings in the exhibition are the exquisite anastatic reproductions of the Genius’ drawings from the prestigious “Progetto Leonardo” by Giunti Editore.


The unmissable Oculus VR experience, through which it will be possible to experience fist-hand some of the most amazing among Leonardo’s inventions.

Here is a thing which the more you fear and avoid it the nearer you approach to it, and this is misery; the more you flee from it the more miserable and restless you will become.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Cattedrale dell’Immagine

Piazza di Santo Stefano, 5
Firenze, Italia


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