Da Vinci Experience – Bitti


The multimedia exhibition Da Vinci Experience in Bitti


As part of the celebrations of the 500° anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, Bitti hosts Da Vinci Experience, the most renown and visited immersive multimedia exhibition dedicated to the great Renaissance genius. With the support and the patronage of the Municipality, the exhibition produced by Crossmedia Group will be scheduled at the Ariston cinema from May 3 to October 30 2019. The same exhibiton, Da Vinci Experience, is the event that has been selected by the Ministry of foreign Affairs to represent Italy and its “genius” in an exhibition tour, promoted by Italian Cultural Institutes, and that throughout 2019 and 2020 will touch twelve nations in three different continents.

The event offers an innovative format that leads the audience in an emotional journey inside the works of art, the projects, the visions, of the man that more than anyone else was the embodiment of the Humanist anthropocentric ambitions, using his genius in several endeavours: Leonardo was a painter, a poet, an anatomist, an architect, a musician, a civil and military engineer, a philosopher, a botanist and a savant of the most different fields.

As a matter of fact, Leonardo’s biography shows us the portrait of the only person that by himself can represent at best the golden age of the Italian culture: Renaissance.

The immersive area is the very heart of the sensory exhibition journey in Bitti. Here the 35-minutes long original tale unfolds at 360 degrees with images that are projected in a continuous loop, integrated by the enthralling original soundtrack. A tale that was conceived to offer the audience the chance of a participated fruition, the experience of being part of a digital work of art, inside an intuitive divulgation container, available to everyone and that can be enjoyed by an across-the-board audience, both as a matter of age and cultural education.

In other words, Da Vinci Experience can be defined as a democratic multimedia storytelling of Leonardo’s world, made spectacular and emotionally enthralling by the immersive and high definition diffusion of music and by the multi-projections on the venue screens of hundreds of sequences, of full HD video inserts and of graphic animations.

Da Vinci Experience is also much more. The exhibition is enhanced by infographics and video installations, and by the exposition of six models of Leonardo’s machines – both life-size and to scale – meticulous reproductions based on the original projects by the OMPSI artisans from Umbria. Among these, the bicycle prototype is particularly relevant. Additionally, there are five Oculus 3D virtual reality stations for a seven minutes-long experience: the Da Vinci VR Experience app, specifically created for our exhibition, will allow the audience to enter the tank designed by Leonardo and engage with it mechanisms, to sail on his paddle boat, and to fly over the marvellous Renaissance Florence on the air screw and the ornithopter.