Da Vinci Experience – Bogotà


The Da Vinci Experience multimedia exhibition

at the Teatro ABC de Bogotà 


As part of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci Da Vinci Experience, the exhibition promoted and sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Enel, arrives to Teatro ABC, from September 25 to November 7.

The event, with free admission, guides the public on an emotional journey through the works, designs and visions of the man who, more than any other, was able to interpret the anthropocentric ambitions of humanism, applying his genius to countless fields. In his lifetime, Leonardo was a painter, poet, anatomist, architect, musician, civil and military engineer, philosopher, botanist, and enthusiast of countless other disparate subjects.

The immersive area is at the heart of the sensory journey presented at the Teatro ABC. Here, images projected on the floor, walls and ceiling in a continuous loop tell an unprecedented story, approximately 35 minutes in length, accompanied by the surround sound of an enthralling original soundtrack.
Da Vinci Experience is also much more however. In fact, the exhibition infographics and video installations are enhanced by ten models of Leonardo’s machines on exhibit – life-size scale models – meticulously reproduced on the basis of the original designs made by the skilled Italian artisans of OMPSI. Outstanding among these, and particularly important is the large bicycle prototype. Last but not least, eight stations have been set up at the Teatro ABC for the 3D virtual reality experience with the Oculus, approximately 7 minutes in length.