Da Vinci Experience.
A Unique Experience

The immersive room of the Da Vinci Experience is the real heart of the exhibition.

At the centre of the deconsecrated Santo Stefano al Ponte church, the room hosts the multisensorial experience that will drag you to discover of the life and works of the greatest Renaissance genius: Leonardo da Vinci. A narration that starts with the chronological account of the life of the master from Vinci and then spreads among the visual effects of the generative videos about the many themes linked to Leonardo.

The journey through the life and works of Leonardo takes 35 minutes of immersive video, divided into six thematic blocks: biography, colour, painting, engineering/anatomy, water and air.

In the heart of the room, under the balcony designed to admire the whole structure from above, you will find the Mirror Room, a magic kaleidoscope of images where you will be able to immerse yourself into Da Vinci’s works and take impressive pictures.

The immersive experience was created Pixel Shapes, Leandro Summo, and Andrea Maioli of Kanaka, with the original soundtrack by Giovanni Raniolo aka Jitzu.