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With “Da Vinci experience” il centro, shopping mall in arese, becomes the laboratory of the italian genius
Leonardo da Vinci at the mall: an immersive exhibition in Arese


Da Vinci Experience is a spectacular exhibition about the many-sided genius, Leonardo da Vinci, in the form of an exciting digital experience, taking place in both an imposing immersive box set up in the event area (1st floor), and in an exhibition featuring full-scale reproductions of the great tank and other war machines open to all visitors of the mall in the area, (referring to entrance number 1).
The shopping mall is an unusual setting for an exhibition and offering such a kind of initiative adds value to a project planned, desired and implemented by IL CENTRO’s management and Crossmedia Group, format production company, with the key support of Uncommon and the consultancy of Antonella Ferrara.

Da Vinci Experience | THE immersivE eXperienCE | FIRST FLOOR, eventS AREA

Da Vinci Experience is a multisensorial exhibition that thrills visitors with visual, audio and tactile stimulation. The experience takes about 60 minutes introduced by the huge wing for human flight suspended over the entrance, after which visitors encounter information panels presenting Leonardo’s life and work, followed by full-scale reproductions of a number of civil and military machines for visitors to experience: a moveable bridge, a free-standing bridge, a winch, a wall defence system, an ornithopter, a paddleboat, a webbed glove, a parachute, an air screw and a tank.
Finally, as the perfect trait d’union joining past, present and future, the same section includes 4 Oculus VR 3D virtual reality stations. An exclusive application specifically created by developers from the Milanese company Orwell allows visitors to get inside the tank and work its mechanisms, sail in the paddleboat, or watch and participate in a flight over Renaissance Florence with the air screw and the ornithopter.
Continuing on into the immersive box that is the main focus of the exhibition, visitors find themselves in a completely darkened environment, where a continuous all-round screen displays show the spectacular Leonardo Da Vinci’s world created by Art Media Studio Firenze. A storytelling designed to amaze, entrusted to multi-projection video mapping of hundreds of digitized high-definition images, completed by animations, video insertions in full HD and a beautiful soundtrack in Dolby surround.

Da Vinci Experience | THE WAR machineS | ENTRANCE NO. 1, central area

Here, Leonardo’s genius is brought to life thanks to the incredible full-size reproductions presented in exhibition for-free that will last for the entire period of the exhibition.
Prodigious machines designed more than 500 years ago that still fascinate us today, such as the 7 metres in diameter and 4.20 metres high tank, accommodating up to 8 people. Other full-scale models in the Rotunda include a machine gun, a bombard, a catapult and a cannon, true masterpieces that only a genius like Leonardo could have thought of at the time.
The full-scale models of Leonardo’s machines, all impressively precise with perfectly operational mechanics, have been realized by Maestri Martelli, a Florentine family of artisans who have passed down the arts of sword-making, carpentry, ironmongering and gunsmithing from generation to generation.

IL CENTRO: an unusual and spectacular setting for Leonardo da Vinci’s genius

 A     PRODUCTION                                 CURED BY   uncommon-logo-nero

Production Crossmedia Group
Location Il Centro Arese
From – to 16/02/2018 | 15/04/2018
Open: Monday – Sunday
Opening time: Monday – Friday 11.00/20.00 | Saturday – Sunday 10.00/20.00
Experience Immersive multimedial exhibition
Duration  60 min c.a.
Directed by Art Media Studio
Technology Matrix X- Dimension
Multiple projection Laser full HD Projectors
Audio system Dolby Surround 3D
Soundtrack                 G. Rossini, G. Verdi, G. Donizetti, G. Puccini, V. Bellini, J. S. Bach
Integrated experiences 3D Vision with Oculus Samsung Gear VR – 8 min – length

SETTING: Educational introductive area with dedicated panels displaying life, works and the historical-artistic contexts; Full size and Scale Models

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